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Cobras VS Honey Badgers Of Coventry


Ladies and Gentlemen.. To those who couldn't make the long awaited first game between two of Coventry's best Rec teams. The Honey Badgers of Coventry joined the Cobras at their home rink but as an away team to battle in the first of many great games. The Badgers have been established for about the same amount of time as the Cobras but have never found the time to set a game up. The Cobras have fired the first invite and they have replied with a return game in June 2016.

The first period flew in to action with an early goal for the Badgers from ex Cobras forward Sam Prosser. He and his team couldn't have wished for a better start but less than 30 seconds later and 57 seconds after start Manager/player #16 Adam Matteri fired back to equalise 1-1. The play began to settle as everyone on the ice battled tooth and nail to keep each other at bay. 7 minutes pass by and another even handed goal came from Sam Prosser. A 2 minute penalty for the cobras gave the opposition a chance and with a 12 minute power play goal from Richard Butlin they took the scoreline to 3-1.
As the Cobras returned to full strength #88 Arnis Meijers brought the score close again and was assisted by #35 Scott Venus. Cobras seemed to have found their stride again but too little to late for this period and it finished 3-2 Badgers in the first.

The second period puck dropped and there was no sign of any goals until the 13th minute....... A great come back opportunity for the Cobras brought to them by an even handed full line play #16 Adam Matteri scored with the help from #35 Scott Venus and #88 Arnis Meijers. All we needed to do now was keep the Tempo and try to go clear for a chance to hold the other Cov team back. 3 minutes before the end of second period play the 4th Even handed Cobras goal went flying in form hat trick scorer #16 Adam Matteri and again assisted by #35 Scott Venus. The Cobras had flipped this game around and the final second period score was a healthier 4-3 cobras.

The Third period started and all the Cobras had to do is keep the speed they had in the second. In typical Cobras fashion it didn't all go to plan. A couple of Cobras penalties saw the badgers through to 5-4 with goals in the 45th and 46th minute. From Rookie Badger Stuart Taylor and a second form Richard Butlin. It got worse for your Cobras team. 3 more penalties helped the badgers to a score line that would be hard to catch. The 3 more Power play goals came from Badgers #21 Zac Chamberlain, #23 Hat Trick scorer Richard Butlin and a second from #21 Zac Chamberlain.
One other true Cobras fact is a lack of giving up and although it looked like the game had been put to bed we scored 1 final time with 2 minutes left in the third. #15 Lukas Slebodnick scored on his Cobras debut to make the final score The Honey Badgers Of Coventry 8-5 Coventry Cobras. With 5 even handed goals from the Cobras and 6 Power play goals and  only 2 even handed goals for the Badgers Its clear that this could have gone either way on the night. This night was the night for the Badgers. We will be back in June hopefully to make it the night for the Cobras. See you all then.

What a great close game and we look forward to the return game.