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Cobras VS Grimsby Ice Bears


On the 8th or March 2015 the Cobras hosted a match against the Grimsby
Ice bears. It was part 2 of the Grimsby double header at Coventry.
Having just played a close game against the Grimsby stormers we hoped
it would be the same for this game too. The first period faced of and the Ice Bears attacked straight away
with three goals in the 2nd, 4th and 8th minute. Straight away the
Cobras where on the back skate trying to keep up. #16 Adam Matteri
tried to come back with a goal with only 5 minutes remaining on the
1st period clock. That is how the first 3rd ended. In the break
Captain #90 Sam Laurence explained how being two goals down meant
nothing and that we could bring it back. Even though all where pumped
for the second, the lads knew it was still going to be a challenge
against the Bears. In the second we came out attacking but couldn't penetrate the Bears
defence. They started in the same manner but the difference was they
got through. With 4 goals in very quick succession the composed
Grimsby team wouldn't allow the Cobras to get back into shape.
They continued 2 second period onslaught as they fired home 5 more
with only a few minutes between each goal. The Cobras continued to
push forward without getting too put down when #16 Adam Matteri scored
his second in the 37th minute with a fantastic cross ice assist from
#15 Sean Mills. Celebrations where cut extremely short when the
Ice Bears Replied with 2 more goals before the period was out. The final score in the second period was Grimsby 14 -2 Cobras. The Cobras where holding them selves together surprisingly well
considering the score line and continued to play the game in the same
attacking manner in which they had started. The Ice Bears didn't hold
back even with such a big win already on the cards. they Scored 6 more
goals within the first 10 minutes of the 3rd period and that was to be
their last. Nobody gave up even though the clocks read 20 goals to
2. With only 4 seconds left on the clock #6 Ashley Tyrrell scored with
the help from #16 Adam Matteri and #38 Stefan Milosovic. The game
finished and heads where held high. It was a great game with great
attitude all around. MOTM went to manager/player #16 Adam Matteri We do hope to see the Ice bears again soon so we can hopefully close
the score gap a bit but most of all for another great game. Thanks have to be given to the Ice Bears for coming all the way down
to Coventry. Also to all our supporters who tried to keep us going in
one of our biggest challenges of all Cobras time. To all the people
who made this game happen with the game sheets, clocks and music we
couldn't do any of this without you. For any news or information on Fixtures, team or sponsors please
continue to browse our website or like the Coventry Cobras on Facebook.