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Cobras VS Milton Keynes Jesters


Ladies and gentlemen there was a game played away at Milton Keynes on
the 18-04-2015 and WOW!! what a game it was. Your Coventry Cobras
travelled to face the Milton Keynes Jesters as part 2 of our
challenges with them this season. We knew it would be tough looking at
the Jesters home win records but after a big 9 - 5 Cobras win at
Coventry on the 01-02-2015 we also knew it could be done.
Taking 3 forward lines and 2 defence lines the Cobras faced a strong
and composed MK team at their completely refurbished arena. Facing off at 6:30pm the game started with both teams wanting the big
"W" more than anything. 5 Minutes and 27 seconds in and
#15 Tomas Kostelnik fired a long range cross ice pass to
#21 Peter Hudec who took off like a lit rocket skating the puck to the
goal and burning it past the Jesters battle hardened goalie.
The period got of to the start the Cobras and their fans had wished
for until the Jesters came back 15 seconds after the first period mid
point. The Cobras had to get on top before the period was out and
that's exactly what they did. A second before the 14th minute Defender
#15 Tomas Kostelnik pinched in and with the assist from #58 Andy Irvine, fired one home making the first period score a 2 - 1 victory. Things where said in the changing room by Captain #90 Sam Laurence to
keep the lads on the straight and narrow. We just needed to keep the
pace up. The second period faced off and both goalies where under
fire, the Jesters goalie more so. He was doing them proud and making
some NHL style saves to keep them in the game and the Cobras out of
the net. 27 minutes in he slipped up though letting
#38 Stefan Milosovic through from yet again another great assist from
#58 Andy Irvine. 2 goals clear but the Jesters didn't like that one bit. They pushed forward and managed to go a goal up after three quick
succession goals in the 28th and 29th minutes. The Score board read
4 - 3 Jesters but the period wasn't over yet. In the 31st minute
#21 Peter Hudec clawed an equaliser from hat trick assister
#58 Andy Irvine and #38 Stefan Milosovic. At the end of the second the
score read Cobras 4 - 4 Jesters. It was anyone's game and both teams where fighting so hard. This had
been the closest game played in years. #41 Tony Gaven Started in net
for the third period after a bleak warm up. After watching number 1
goalie #54 Paul Shipman take 2 periods of rubbery punishment and make
so many great saves. After watching Shipers make several 1 on 0 saves
he knew he was going to have to be at the top of his game to keep
these Jester boys out. That's exactly where he was..... Tony had to
commit himself to several double saves to try and keep the net empty.
While he was doing his job in the defensive end the forwards where
doing their best at the other end firing shots up on the MK goalie but
he just managed to pull out all the stops to keep the score board a
tie. Something had to give and finally the Jesters managed a very
lucky goal as the puck rolled in and then out of Tony's grip.
5 - 4 Jesters and with 5 minutes left there was still time. All it
took is for one of the many Cobras shots to go in. The jesters caught
a break away and put the final nail in the Cobras coffin at 58 minutes
and 24 seconds. That's the way the game finished, Like I said WOW!!
what a game. Man of the Match went to #41 Tony Gaven for his show of
pure goalie athleticism. Man of the Match for the Jesters was awarded
to #26 the MK goalie for the skill in which it took to keep the Cobras
at bay. We have got to carry on this local derby as it was so close and such
an enjoyable game. This is not the last you will hear from the
Cobras VS Jesters. Thank you to all who support us and even travelled
to watch us. Keep in the loop for more Cobras action on the website or
our Facebook page.