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Coventry Cobras VS Milton Keynes Jesters

On Sunday 1st February the Cobras were met by the Milton Keynes Jesters
in our first battle of the season. As some of you may remember the old
Cobras team, known as the Coventry Glaciers at the time,
went head to head with the Jesters back in late March 2013.
We lost that game 8 - 4 Jesters, with them scoring 3 final goals in
quick succession propelling them to a comfortable first meet victory.
This time with the new, stronger and quicker Cobras team we vowed this
wouldn't be the case this time. The game started at 21:00 at the SkyDome Arena Coventry and everyone on
the bench looked ready for a tough game. The game faced off and as the
clock hit 46 seconds #16 Adam Matteri scores the First goal of the
Cobras season, "Dangling" their final defender and finishing between the glove and pad of the Jesters Net Minder. Less than 3 minutes later one
of our newer players, Kristaps Pavelsons used his blistering speed and
puck control to score his first Cobras goal on his début making the
clock read 2 - 0 Cobras. Unfortunately his thunder was somewhat short lived when the Jesters #82
scored less than 30 seconds after restart. Realising it wasn't going to
be a whitewash The Cobras picked up the play and replied twice. Once in the 15th minute and once in the 19th minute with #28 Arnis Meijers and
#38 Stefan (Tarzan) Milosovic scoring a fantastic goal each and assisted by #58 Tomas Kostelnik (also his début) and #11 Scott (maverick) Venus.
End of the first period the score line looked promising with a lead of 4 to 1 Cobras. The second period faced off with the Jesters taking early control scoring their second of the game, but again was short lived with #23 Kristaps
taking revenge for the last time they took his thunder. His Goal was
assisted by another début player #21 Peter Hudec and both of them
showing some real hockey potential. The score line was then boosted
again by quick hands #28 Arnis Meijers and giving him his second goal.
During the 34th minute we had a breakaway with new player
#81 Luke white and one of, if not our fastest player #4 Sean Doherty
taking the puck the whole length of the ice with Luke following close
behind offering support on the back post. even though we had 2 on 0 Sean made the decision to shoot and took glory in the roof of the net over
the nearside shoulder of the Jesters goalie. After one more Jesters goal the 2nd finished Cobras 7 - 3 Jesters. The third period was dominated by new forward #21 Peter Hudec scoring
twice in very quick succession. Using the speed, stamina and pure
composure of his two partners in crime #23 Kristaps and #38 Stefan the
last two goals took us up to 9 goals. In a last final attempt at victory the Jesters scored their last and final goal of the game making the
final score Cobras 9 - 5 Jesters. It was a fantastic game played by all
and everyone looked proud to call themselves a Cobra. Once again many thanks go out to everyone in the stands supporting us
and the people helping on game day. For more information check out our
fixtures page or like our Facebook.