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Cobras VS Peterborough Flyers CUP GAME


The Linemate Apparel Challenge Cup...... Coventry Cobras, Coventry Spitfires, Peterborough Flyers, Solihull Grizzlies, Nottingham Outlaws, Telford Spartans and the Sheffield Vipers. These are the 7 teams involved in the Linemate Apparel's début Challenge Cup. All of the teams will be looking to take 1 of the top 4 spots to challenge each other at a finals weekend in Coventry towards the end of the Rec season. Each team will play each other at home and away and the 4 teams with the most points will go through in August to fight for top spot.

Your Coventry cobras team faced their second cup game on the 30/01/2016 against the powerful Peterborough Flyers. We had come across the Flyers no more than 4 months previous and took a colossal beating of 23-4 in Peterborough. Although the team we took where strong this was a different situation..... This was a cup game.
First period started and for the Flyers it was their period. I didn't matter how many times the Cobras net minder saved a shot or our defence stopped a play, they managed to slip 3 goals through. 7th minute, 13th minute and 19th minute. The last goal showed 19:58 on the clock. 3-0 in the first. #90 Captain Sam Laurence described the difference between the last game and being only 3 goals down after a full 20 minutes was an achievement in itself.

Just after the 7th minute of the second period drop the cobras found some composure and replied to the Peterborough boys with a goal from #38 Stefan Milosovic Assisted by #4 Sean Doherty and #3 Peter Hudec. The flyers fired back 2 minutes later with their forth making it 4 -1 Peterborough. This was shaping up to be a very strong game from both teams and dare say it, probably the best match up of the entire cup. In the 11th minute of the second the Cobras came back by 1. #38 Stefan Milosovic strikes again with the help from #69 Tomas Kostelnik. 4-2 is how the period finished. Morale was high in the period break tunnel. Everyone could feel the vibe from each other knowing it was going to be tough but we where up for it. 20 minutes remained and I don't think the flyers where quite expecting this sort of challenge.

The third started and both teams loaded their barrels and fired everything they had at each other straight of the mark. Within the first 7 minutes of the final period your favourite Cov team had scored twice and the Flyers 3 times. Cobras scorers where #92 Ashley Tyrrell, unassisted and #3 Peter Hudec assisted by #90 captain Sam Laurence.
22 seconds after the half way stage of the 3rd the almighty Cobras scored again this time by, #88 Arnis Meijers and assisted by #38 Stefan Milosovic. 7-5 to the flyers with 10 minutes left. At 15 minutes and 56 seconds the Cobras struck again. #69 Tomas Kostelnik scored a rifling snipe straight of the back of A Flyers end face off taking the scoreline to 7-6 and with only 1 goal in it. The Cobras where running out of steam and keeping the Peterborough boys back was becoming more of a challenge as each second of the clock ticked on. They Returned fire  with less than 4 minutes remaining and again with a final nail in the snakes coffin with less than 1 minute to go. The clock ran down to the buzzer and it showed 9 - 6 Peterborough victory.

It was a great game to watch and be apart of. The Peterborough boys looked tired as did the Cobras and everyone in the stand commented on the type of match it had been between these two great teams. We Look forward to the second leg at their barn and hope for a better result. This Cup is already shaping up to be a roller-coaster ride.