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Cobras VS Peterborough Flyers

Ladies and Gentlemen, On the 1st of August The Coventry Cobras travelled to Peterborough to play their last away game of the 2014/2015 season.
The Flyers were waiting for us with a surprise in stall.

As the puck dropped in the 1st period neither team had a clue what to expect as this was the first time they had met. With the Peterborough Flyers having a massive 77 player roster it was a complete guess on what sort of team they were about to unleash on us. The Cobras brushed of the idea and went into battle to do their best either way.
The Flyers started strong straight away and scored 2 goals within the first 3 minutes. A little bit of hope came our way in the form of #21 Tomas Kostelnik. He scored to close the gap somewhat. The Flyers took control again and attacked. 6 more goals went in their favour before a 1st period consolation goal came from yet again #21 Tomas Kostelnik.

The 2nd period started more in the Cobras favour this time with #38 Stefan Milosovic scoring with the help from #21 Tomas Kostelnik.
This was the clear before the storm as it goes. The Flyers came back at us like they did in the first.
9 more goals for the flyers. Not looking good for us I think you will agree.

The 3rd started in Cobras fashion and we managed to claw a really early period starter goal. #21 Tomas Kostelnik Strikes again this time with his hat trick goal and assisted by partner in crime #38 Stefan Milosovic. Unfortunately short lived again as the Peterborough team fired back less than a minute later and continued with 5 more form there on.

The Final Score was 23 goals to 4. Huge Cobras loss but just as fun all the same. We thank the Peterborough guys for the invite and we hope to make a better impression when we invite them to us in the new season.

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