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Cobras VS RAF Coningsby Crusade


The last home game of the 2014/15 season is upon us. It has been a long challenging year having played some of our strongest rivals to try and push ourselves Further and further. This day we were up against another RAF Team. The Coningsby Crusade.

The game and period started with a very typical Cobras start. Fast strong and composed. The quickest recorded Cobras goal came from manager/player #16 Adam Matteri after 41 seconds and was assisted by first full season player #8 Luke White.
The RAF team put their discipline into action and took off like a plane "no pun intended" ;). They came back scoring 4 Goals making the final 1st period score 4 - 1 to the RAF.

Roll on the 2nd period face off and Cobras took early control again. #21 Coach/player Rory Hannan Scored with the help from the hard to catch #4 Sean Doherty. Unfortunately The RAF fired up their thrusters #punnumber2 again and scored 8 Goals relentlessly within the next 10 minutes. Still having half a period to play when they where in this form was hurtful but along came one of our season's top point scorers to give us a little bit of hope. #88 Arnis Meijers scored with the assist from #16 Adam Matteri. To knock us back down the RAF boys decided to put two more past us before the period was out. 14 - 3 to the Coningsby Boys.

The 3rd period set to start and the RAF Crusade had onslaught on their minds goal after goal. Scoring another 4 times taking their score line up to 18. In true Cobras fashion efforts carried on and with only 6 seconds left in regulation #6 Joe Southall Fired one home. Was nice to see the boys from Coventry still giving it their all all the way until the final whistle.

The Final Score, RAF Coningsby Crusade 18 and the Cobras 4. Great game played by some great lads on both sides. Truly nice team to play against despite the score line. We look forward to a return game and hope the RAF Boys all the best with hockey and their endeavours in, and alongside  the countries finest service.

Once again it's a privilege to see All the Cobras fans watching and the help from all our supporters with music and the time keepers bench. Thanks for everything and we will see you all next season.