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Cobras VS RAF Cosford Stars


On the 11th of April 2015 the Coventry Cobras where met at their place
for part 2 of this seasons RAF Cosford Stars meetings. 28.02.2015 was
the last time we met and that was at their place. The Cobras came away
from Telford with a massive 15 goals to 4 win. As always we offered
the return game and found the time to arrange a challenge at Coventry. The first period started with the Cobras showing what they where
capable of. The Cobras scored 5 times before the RAF managed to get a
look in. Two more went in bringing the score up to 7 - 1. In the 16th
minute the Cobras let their guard down to another RAF goal. We knew
they would punish us if we gave them the space they needed so we
pushed forward closing them down to their net with another goal just
to end the 1st on a high. The score in the first period ended
Cobras 8 RAF 2. The second period started with a Stars goal. What ever was said to
them in the break had worked enough to give them a boost coming into
the second. The plan was not to start letting the guard down so the
Cobras powered 2 more goals home 1 and 2 minutes after the RAF's 3rd
goal. After this we decided to give #54 Paul Shipman a rest and brought on Cobras number 2 goalie #33 Tony Gaven for his first Cobras
appearance. He was enough to keep them back until the 33rd minute when
they placed their first one past him. To make him feel a bit better
about it the guys in front of him banged home 3 more goals in quick
succession bringing the score to a whopping 14 - 4. Just under 5 minutes into the third the RAF managed one more bringing
them up to 5 but with another burst of Cobras Venom it was pushed back
by three more fantastic goals. The RAF gave it a good go to fire more
upon new goalie Tony but he did a great job of keeping them at bay
regardless of first game nerves. They managed to finish their game on
a high with one last consultation goal in the 57th minute but that was
the last bit of hope they had left with Tony on the line. The final
score ended 17 to the Cobras and 6 to the Stars. Goal scorers and their assists in game play order.... Goal 1 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Unassisted. Goal 2 # 8 Luke White. Assist 1 # 4 Sean Doherty. Goal 3 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Assist 1 # 3 Tomas Kostelnik Goal 4 # 4 Sean Doherty. Assist 1 #96 Rob Bradnick. Goal 5 #88 Arnis Meijers. Assist 1 #90 Sam Laurence.
Assist 2 #21 Thibaut Fraisse
Goal 6 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #Sean Doherty Goal 7 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Goal 8 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #15 Sean Mills Goal 9 # 4 Sean Doherty. Assist 1 # 8 Luke White Goal 10 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #11 Scott Venus
Assist 2 #54 Paul Shipman
Goal 11 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #11 Scott Venus Goal 12 #88 Arnis Meijers. Unassisted. Goal 13 #16 Adam Matteri. Assist 1 #11 Scott Venus Goal 14 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Assist 1 #88 Arnis Meijers. Goal 15 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Assist 1 # 8 Luke white. Goal 16 #11 Scott Venus. Assist 1 #38 Stefan Milosovic. Goal 17 #81 Rory Hannan. Assist 1 # 4 Sean Doherty Man of the match goes on his début to #33 Tony Gaven. This game was sponsored and supported by Midlands Auto Test so many
thanks go out to everyone involved in game day and to the RAF for
coming down. We hope to see the Stars again soon as historically the
match has always been fantastic and we hope to continue our
relationship with them.

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