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Coventry Cobras VS RAF Cosford Stars


On the 28th February your Coventry Cobras travelled to the newly
Refurbished Telford rink for a battle with the regular played RAF
Cosford Stars. We have played this team that many times we have lost
count. It is always a good strong battle between the Cobras and Stars
so everyone knew it was to be no different on the day. We have played
the Cosford Stars 6 times before this match ranging all the way back
from July 2011. We always love challenging the RAF guys as they have
a great attitude towards the game and we get along with them all.
Business is Business though and with our win against the Jesters at
the start of the month we were all pumped and ready to go. The Match faced off and the Stars were looking like they wanted to
kick their season off with a bang. Neither team looked like they were
going to have any luck with a goal due to both furious defence but the
respected RAF team opened the gates first. #38 Stefan Milosovic
Started us of with his partner in crime Peter Hudec. 9 minutes down
and another goal came to the Cobras this time Peter putting one away
with the help from Stefan. 7 more minutes went by as the Cosford
players started closing us down. They got it under control and came
back by one. Unfortunatly for the RAF guys their first goal got
slightly shadowed by a Cobras 3rd from ~58 Andy Irvine and assisted
by #21 Arnis Meijers. This was it for he first period for both teams
but it was far from over. The second faced off and the Cobras came out in very much he same
manner as before. 2 goals were scored in quick succession. First by
Peter Hudec and assisted by #38 Stefan Milosovic. The second came
from #81 Luke white one of our newest guys. It was his first ever
Competitive ice hockey goal and it was assisted by
#16 Manager Adam Matteri and second assisted by
#90 Captain Sam Laurence. Seconds after restart the Stars pulled one
back. 4 or so minutes went by without any action until
#96 Defender Rob Bradnick snuck one past with the help from D partner
#90 Sam Laurence. The Stars wanted payback and scored straight away
again desperately trying to keep the Cobras on a lead.
The Cobras venom had not quite finished having an effect on the
opposition when 3 more quick succession goals went flying past. #28 Peter Hudec, Unassisted #38 Stefan Milosovic, Unassited #81 Luke white assisted by #16 Adam Matteri. The second period was out and the score looked menacing for the Stars,
But we know the Stars and they don't tend to give up without a fight. The third started but this time unlike the first and second the Stars
wanted it back. Within 2 minutes of restart the Stars regular big
shooter #22 Anthony Stevens fired a slap from the blue into the top
corner giving the Stars, what they didn't know at the time to be their
final bit of hope. The Cobras carried on the period looking even
stronger stopping their shoots and doing lots of shooting. Your Cobras
team managed to pile on 6 more to the tally before the game was out. #15 Defender Sean Mills assisted by #3 Tomas Kostelnick #28 Peter Hudec, Unassisted #21 Arnis Meijers assisted by #38 Sefan Milosovic and
#3 Tomas Kostelnick #21 Arnis Meijers assisted by #20 Jason Cole #21 Arnis Meijers assisted by #23 Peter Hudec #3 Tomas Kostelnick, Unassisted. Once again it was a fantastic show for all who came. Everyone enjoyed
themselves and many thanks go out to all of the support we achieved
even though it was an away game.

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