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Cobras VS Sheffield Ice Tigers


A beautiful Saturday evening and your Favourite Coventry team found
themselves travelling up the M1 to the famous city of steel to face one
of their up and coming Rec teams. Face off was to be at 10:15pm against
the Sheffield Ice Tigers. Looking at previous game scores between both
teams a close game it was to be that night and without a goal for the
first 7 minutes that point was proven. One of the Cobras most improved
players over the last 4 years, #28 Anthony Pountney, The newly positioned
forward started us of with a cobras goal and was assisted
by "D" Man #96 Rob Bradnick. Next to add to to the scoreboard was
another Cobras goal just before the 11th minute from #81 Scott Venus.
The period couldn't have started better for the Coventry team.........
wait yes it could. Another goal with just under 5 minutes left in the
first. Manager #16 Adam Matteri Shot one home with the help from
#81 Scott Venus. The Sheffield Team decided just before the period was
out that a goal their way wouldn't go a miss and brought the score line
to 3-1 cobras. 4 goals, 1 period, Quite an exciting game so far to say
the least. The second period was kicked of with an early Cobras goal unassisted by
#6 Jack Johnson. 4-1 Cobras and the pressure was on for the Ice Tigers
to try and gain some ground back. That's exactly what they did in the
30th minute Bringing the score up to a more respectable 4-2.
In good old Cobras fashion to hurt the Ice Tigers before the period was
out, in went a 2nd goal for #16 Adam Matteri. That's 2 periods won and
a healthy Cobras scoreline of 5 goals to 2. While the Ice cut was preparing us for the last and final period of the
match the Cobras seemed confident and relaxed. Why wouldn't they be?
What they didn't know was the change that the Sheffield boys where
going though in the changing room next door. Whatever they did worked
because the second that the 3rd period puck was dropped they looked
like a different team. In just over a minute they scored closing the
gap back to 2 goals. The Cobras once pushed them away again with
#4 Sean Doherty and an Assist from #92 Ashley Tyrrell.
Short lived celebrations as the Ice tigers Scored straight after the
centre ice drop again and again. The 44th, 48th, 51st, 56th,
and 59th minute was home to a destructive Sheffield team and 5 more
goals. The final score was 8-6 to the Ice Tigers and well deserved
after their "better late than never" approach to the game. Once again
another close, nail biting game from a great bunch of guys from two
different teams. We look forward to having them back to Coventry in the
new season. Thanks to everyone who watched and travelled to see us and for any more
information on any one of our games stick about on the website and
check us out on Facebook.