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Coventry Cobras vs Oxford Shooting Stars Away

On the 13th of July 2014 the Cobras travelled to a nice neighbour
Challenge Game at Oxfords rink. We had a promising chance after the
previous game we played at home on the 3rd of May 2014, winning 8 - 4 We are glad they offered us a return game because of the attitude that
everyone playing brings to the games we play against each other. The day started with a confident team talk from our captain,
#90 Sam Laurence. The game started with an even more confident goal
after 20 seconds from #81 Sam Prosser. Within minutes of restarting from
the centre spot, a fast strong puck through the whole team across their
goal mouth from Rob Bradnick provides a Goal to Manager/Player
#16 Adam Matteri. The period continued with everyone on the ice skating
hard and passing well. Oxford having chances but with some lightning saves from net minder #35 Kyle Robinson they are denied a place on the score
sheet for now. #81 Sam Prosser then finished the 1st period of with
another goal working well with his first line wingers #20 Jason Cole
and #21 Kieran Gannnon. Another two periods awaited and we all knew the game wasn't over for the
Oxford team as they came out with revenge on their breath. Oxford scored
twice in very quick succession giving them what they needed to believe
they could bring this back. The score was sat a 3-2 Coventry until #81 Sam Prosser came along with a hat trick, banging his 3rd goal home. Just to
add insult before the period was over #28 Anthony Pountney scored,
deflecting the puck of a defenders skate. Smart or lucky we will let you
decide. The period ended 5 - 2 Cobras with much work to do to keep the
Oxford lot away from our goal. As we Started the 3rd it was a while before either team made any advance
on each others goal until a big slap from the blue line. Defender
#44 Dean Cosgrove gave enough power for #89 Jamie Forster to tip in front
of the work hardened Oxford keeper. The 6th goal was followed shortly by
the 7th with #21 Kieran Gannon finally finding the back of the net.
Efforts where then replied to by Oxford with a storming goal from their
man of the match #50 taking the puck almost the length of the ice, cutting in and scoring in the smallest of gaps over the shoulder of the Cobras
keeper. The score is now 7 - 3 with half of the last period still to power through. #21 Kieran Gannon was not happy about Oxford taking the glory
from his last goal and fired another one home moving us slowly but surely
toward a great win. Despite Oxford playing a fantastic, strong game the
final nail in the coffin came from #89 Jamie Forster Giving us our final
score of Coventry Cobras 9 - 3 Oxford shooting stars. Everyone played a fantastic game with great result for the Cobras.
Man of the match for the Cobras #81 Sam Prosser.

Keep your eyes on future fixtures as we are sure this isn't the last we
have herd from the Shooting stars. Fixtures can be checked on this website or "like" the Coventry Cobras on face book for live updates,
news and information. Links to the social media sites can be found in the
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<<#35 Kyle Robinson

Making a glove save like a boss!






#81 Sam Prosser man of the match >>









Photo credits go to Dean Rotheram. his work can be found here.