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Coventry Cobras VS Oxford Shooting Stars


On the 3rd of May at the Coventry Skydome Arena the Almighty Cobras welcomed the Oxford Shooting Stars, a team we had not yet faced as the Cobras.
The game faced off at 23:00 hours and started with a bang. A cobras goal to kick the game of with style by Stefan Milosovic. As he finished celebrating it was only minutes when he scored his second. The cobras were off to a perfect start with the 3rd goal coming from Arnis Meijers. Oxford realised that this game was going to be tougher than they imagined and fought back scoring their first and getting themselves on the scoreboard. As we all hoped the Cobras replied with 2 more goals from Sam Prosser and Alex "the meat" McGoldrick making the score line 5 - 1 Cobras.
The second Period was a long and strong 20 minutes from both sides with only a single Oxford goal being scored making it 5 - 2
As the 3rd started the cobras erupted with a Fantastic "hat-trick" goal from Stefan and to top it of another and long deserved goal from Jamie Forster. 
The tournament and league playing Oxford team replied shortly with two great goals making it 7 - 4 with not long left. Their final push was just not quite enough with Anthony Pountney putting the game to bed with the last and final goal. Finishing the game 8 - 4 was a great feeling for the Coventry team but all understand that it might not have been so sweet if it was not for the fantastic performance from Cobras keeper Paul Shipman. Considering he had just been out for 6 weeks on a battery change in his pacemaker he really showed some natural talent. 

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