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Coventry Cobras VS Solihull Spartans


Cobras pushing the boundaries again. With a late season home game against
a very tough team. The Solihull Spartans where in town facing off at
the Coventry Sky dome arena as part 1 of a double header. The previous encounter with the Spartans had left them sore with
an 8 - 5 loss to the Cobras back in May 2014.
Well over a year has gone by and lots could have changed as we where about to find out. The game started at 16:15 and Solihull took revenge just after the
first 5 minutes. Cobras struggling to get back into rhythm they
continued to punish the Cov team to a 5 - 0 scoreline until hope from
this seasons top goal scorer came. #38 Stefan Milosovic Scored a quick
reminder goal that it was possible. Straight after, less than a minute in fact, he clawed another one.
His second goal in less than a minute. The Coventry boys held back the Spartans to the end of the first.
Felling bruised after the 5 - 2 losing scoreline a certain captain had
a few words to say. #90 Sam Laurence reminded us of the previous days
and to pull it together. The Coventry Cobras came out in the 3rd looking better, stronger, faster.
The Solihull team continued to pepper #54 Paul Shipman and
#42 Anthony Gaven with blistering shots but non where to get through
for them in this round. Just 5 minutes before the end of the second,
#23 Tomas Kostelnik (the man with the rocket skates) fired one home.
This period was won 1 - 0 cobras. Overall score showed 5 - 3 Spartans. The third and final period fired of and again the Solihull boys where
held back. For the first 5 minutes at least. Scoring the Spartans 6th
goal gave them the boost they needed to really put this game to bed and
with 4 more quick goals the game was over. scoreline was a respectable
10 - 3 to the Spartans. They have certainly came along way since the
first time we played them and knew tomorrow's battle was going to be
even harder at their shed in Solihull. Many thanks go out to the people involved. The ones who make it all
possible to host these games. The music, the clocks, the game sheets,
and most of all the support.