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Coventry Cobras VS Solihull Spartans


Ladies and gentlemen, a tough game this was to be, away at Solihull against the newly named Spartans. Coming up against a lot of old Solihull Vipers faces and some new guys we were expecting a good run for our money. The game took place on the 11-05-2014 at 18:00 

The first period we knew we had to come out strong and fast to try and dictate the speed of the game. We had to try and get them to play our game. Unfortunately for us Solihull started in very much the same manner scoring their first goal within the first 3 minutes. Not a chance we thought as Jamie Forster, one of our newest players and the well known Sam Prosser sent their reply with a fantastic goal each to bring the score to a nice 2-1 Cobras. The Solihull Spartans didn't want to go down without a fight and stepped up scoring the equaliser shortly after. Just as the period looked like a draw Adam Matteri swooped in with a quick 1 on 0 goal taking the Cobras 1 goal up to 3 - 2 Cobras leaving the 1st period. 


The Solihull Spartans reacted to the second period whistle with revenge and scored two goals and taking the score up to 4 - 3 Spartans. The Cobras knew if they wanted the win from this game they would need to make a dent in the 2nd period and just when we needed it, two great goals came from our 3rd line forwards Liam Bivens and Arnis Meijers. Once again leaving the Period 1 goal up at 5 -4 Cobras. the team were feeling good and strong but everyone knew that the game was far from over.

As the 3rd period opened, just like the first two periods the Spartans came out and scored another fast equaliser giving them what they didn't know at the time to be there last bit of hope.
The Solihull team were still looking strong but with a stronger Cobras team scoring 3 fantastic goals in very quick succession. All coming from the same line in the same shift. Michael Lynas Clawed two great goals and Prosser with his second of the game. 

The time ran out in the 3rd Period and the game was put to bed at 8 - 5 Cobras. An all round great team effort but singling out Kyle Robinson for his fantastic net minding and man of the match award. Non of the goals could have happened without some great hockey plays and assists coming from all round the ice. Many thanks to all the Solihull Spartans for a well matched game and again for all who attended the game to cheer on the Cobras. Its always wanted and sometimes needed especially against such worthy contenders. 

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Thank You from everyone at The Coventry Cobras Ice Hockey Club.