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Coventry Cobras VS Grimsby Stormers

On the 7th March 2015 The Coventry Cobras started their first game of
the double header weekend against two different Grimsby teams and
starting with the Grimsby Stormers. This was the first time we had
played these boys and didn't quite know what to expect. Both teams
started incredibly strong playing some really good positional hockey.
The Stormers were the first to make an appearance on the scoreboard at
1:38 but was closely followed by New Cobras player Ashley Tyrrell and
assisted by Captain and Defender #90 Sam Laurence. Less than 5 minutes
later the Cobras Scored again. Ashley taking his second, and old junior
buddy #4 Sean Doherty assisting him. The stormers clearly wanted this
as much as the Cobras and came back with an equaliser just 1 minute
later. Just as the game approached the halfway mark of the first
period #38 Stefan Milosovic was assisted by #16 Adam Matteri and
#44 Dean Cosgrove, this made it the 3rd for the Coventry boys.
The celebrations were short lived as the Stormers replied half way
through the first with a another equaliser goal making the score 3 - 3.
Another 3 minutes passed with both goalies having to keep both teams at
level pegging when The Stormers finally slipped one through taking them
1 up. The Stormers goalie had to pull out some NHL style saves to keep
the Cobras out but did so keeping the final 1st period score to Stormers 4 - 3 Cobras. The 2nd period Started and for just under 10 minutes both teams managed
to keep each other away from the nets. Grimsby took the first of the
2nd period and just like before the Cobras replied in short time with
#4 Sean Doherty assisted by #58 Andy Irvine and Ashley Tyrrell. 18
seconds after restart the Stormers snatched another one taking their
score higher again, but....... With less than a minute later
#23 Peter Hudec assisted #16 Adam Matteri who assisted goal scorer
#38 Stefan with his second of the night. The period continued and just
when we thought the game was equally matched the stormers had a sudden
burst scoring 3 goals in very quick succession taking the score to
Stormers 10 - 5 Cobras. What a difference 1 minute makes. 2 minutes
before the 2nd was out #4 Sean Doherty scored a consolation goal and
was assisted by 1st line D man #96 Rob Bradnick. The 2nd period
finished 10 - 6 Stormers. The Cobras knew in the 3rd they would have to pull out something
special to counter how the Stormers were playing but we just couldn't
break their defence and the "on form" skill of their goalie. The
stormers scored again with another counter attack goal in the 45th
minute. #23 Peter Hudec finally burst through their defence with the
help from #38 Stefan. Things looked better as we continued firing on
their goalie for another 8 minutes but nothing came of it. The stormers
got what they wanted from yet another counter attack when they scored a
56 minute goal. The Cobras final attempt was from #44 Dean Cosgrove as
he sorted #23 peter Hudec with a pass up ice to provide #38 Stefan with
his hat trick. With only 2 minutes remaining we had pushed with all
that we had and had salt rubbed in our wounds with a Stormers final
goal with no more than 15 seconds left in the game. The final score was, Grimsby Stormers 13 - 8 Coventry Cobras. A great bit of entertainment
and show of attitude from both teams with only 2 penalties from the
Cobras and 5 from the Stormers. Many thanks to everyone watching and helping on the game day and to the
Grimsby boys for coming all the way down to Coventry.