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Cobras VS Telford Spartans


The return game!!! 1 month on after the massive 14 - 3 win for your Cobras team against the Telford Spartans we have invited them to the Coventry Skydome Arena to give them a chance to win their money back. On the afternoon of 25-07-2015 the Spartans arrived with a very short bench shortening their odds of making a come back from the previous game. Despite the short bench the Telford team scored 5 goals with 1 in the first period, 2 in the second and 2 in the third. A great effort considering the lack of players.

The Cobras on the other hand managed to rack up a massive 16 goal score list with many different scorers.

#16 Adam Matteri scoring 4 times and assisting 5 goals.
#88 Arnis Meijers scoring 3 times and assisting 2 goals.
#20 Jason "the steam role" Cole scoring his largest amount in one game with 2 goals.
#35 Scott Venus scoring 2 times and adding to his massive list, assisting another 6 goals.
#4 Sean Doherty scoring 2 times.
#21 Joe Southall, fairly new to the Cobras team scoring 1 goal.
#15 Big Bad Charlie Coles racking up 1 for himself
#28 Anthony Pountney ex "D" man, now forward scoring 1.

It was a good game all round but a better game specifically for the Cobras. The Telford team has gained huge respect for continuing with their efforts all the way to the end despite the score line.

Many thanks go out to all the support we have in the stands, on the clocks and from the visiting team for making it all happen. You can check us out on Facebook and our website for all Cobras chat and fixtures.