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Coventry Cobras VS Telford Spartans


On the 21st of June Your favourite Coventry Team were invited to the Telford rink for a challenge game against the Telford Spartans. The Cobras had never played the Spartans before so had no Idea what lay ahead.

The first period faced of at 15:15 and within 2 minutes a goal came from the Cobras side. #81 Dan Lloyd scored his first ever Cobras goal. Within a minute another one came from #11 Scott Venus assisted by #88 Arnis Meijers. Great Start!! A little bit of time passed and as the Spartans found their feet against first time challengers and they fired one home bringing the score up to 2 - 1 Cobras. 12 minutes into the first and the score was separated again with a long goal coming from "D" man #96 Rob Bradnick assisted by #3 Matt Finch and second assisted by #11 Scott Venus. The Cobras were having a positive start and it was to get better before the first was over. the score was notched up by 3 more quick succession goals from the Cobras, scored by #88 Arnis Meijers unassisted, #4 Sean Doherty unassisted, #28 Anthony Pountney assisted by #4 Sean Doherty. The Telford boys were feeling bruised after the massive 6 - 1 loose in the first.

The second faced of and straight away the Spartans wanted to show they could come back with a 2 minute goal. Unfortunately for them the celebrations were rather short lived. On the other hand the Cobras wanted to keep the come back at bay so they stuck 4 more in just to make sure it didn't happen.
#88 Arnis Meijers assisted by #11 Scott Venus
#4 Sean Doherty
#88 Arnis Meijers hat trick goal
#11 Scott Venus assisted by #88 Arnis Meijers and #33 Alex McGoldrick
After all of that the Spartans were still pushing and the got a last minute goal in the second.
The score at the end of the second was Cobras 10 - 3 Spartans.

The third faced of in very much the same manner as the rest of the game had been played..... With the Cobras dominating. The Spartans kept coming but kept getting denied by Cobras nettie #54 Paul Shipman.
To thank him for his efforts the rest of the team gave him a goal show to watch from his net as they scored another 4 goals. #88 Arnis Meijers Scored two more back to back giving him a 5 goal game with the 4th goal being assisted by #8 Luke White.
13th Cobras goal was scored by #92 Ash Tyrrell and assisted by #16 Adam Matteri. The last goal of the game, equally important, was scored by One of this seasons most improved players #8 Luke White and was assisted by #11 Scott Venus..... Again, and #35 Thibaut Fraisse.

It was a massive help to have Cobras fans in the crowd even though we were away and it means a lot to all of us. Thanks to the Telford Spartans and we look forward to having you in Coventry.